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Thursday, 31 July 2014

End Of Month Mini Reviews - July

uk beauty blogger
witch skin clearing primer
Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer £6.99 (*) - This is the first time that I've tried a cream formula primer and although it made my skin extra hydrated after each use, I didn't feel that it held my make up in as well as other primers. It contains natural anti bacterial actives that prepare the skin for foundation and prevents blemishes from appearing, however, throughout the trial period, I did get some spots and I just don't feel that it created a smooth base at all.
rimmel lipstick in glam plum fulham
raining cake blog
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Glam Plum Fulham £6.49 - Mentioned previously in one of my favourites video, I have recently reignited the flame for this dark, berry red. The formula is very soft and moisturising, hence the title of the lipstick and gives a lovely, smooth finish. The colour is nicely pigmented and lasts a good amount of hours with minimal touch ups.
mark hill heat protecting spray
Mark Hill Get Gorgeous! Work It Girl! Shine, Protect and Control Spray £3.99 (*) - Being an avid straighteners fan, I find myself trying out numerous heat protecting sprays and the most recent one that I tried and absolutely loved is this one from Mark Hill. It protects and adds extra shine to my hair without making it feel heavy. 
mua brow kit
MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit £3.50 - I spotted this eyebrow kit on a random trip to Superdrug and thought it looked pretty decent, so I'll give it a go. I have previously enjoyed using a number of MUA products, but this was a real let down. The powder didn't transfer well at all and the brush it came with was pretty awful. When I managed to even out the powder with another brush, it did look okay, but wore off after an hour, so a bit of a disappointment on this occasion.
elemis salt glow
Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow - £36.50 (*) - Frangipani is my favourite scent from Elemis. I love the body oil which is a great moisturiser by the way and when the salt glow was released, I was literally over the moon. I use this in the bath and apply oil after towelling dry and my skin is literally in heaven! The scent lingers on my skin, my clothes and even on my bedsheets, so if you're an Elemis Frangipani fan, this is definitely for you.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts. 
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

OUTFIT - Pink Summer Days

what i wore to port eliot
pastel pink dress
outfit of the day
asos sundress
raining cake blog
uk fashion blogger
river island christmas in july
topshop boots
Jacket - Topshop
Dress - ASOS
  Boots -Topshop
Necklace (*) - River Island (customised)

This is what I wore on one of the days at Port Eliot Festival last week. This dress was literally a last minute buy and I'm so glad I purchased it. It is the perfect, casual dress in the most gorgeous pastel pink shade. I'm not going to lie, I have an obsession with anything pink at the moment, so you'll probably see a lot more of it on the blog soon. I had my Topshop denim jacket to keep me warm, as the night drew in, it did get a little chilly and the boots are also from Topshop. My necklace was  a little gift from the River Island Christmas Press Day a couple of weeks ago.


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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Port Eliot Festival with Bumble and Bumble

port eliot festival 2014
Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Port Eliot festival in Cornwall with one of my favourite hair brands of all time, Bumble and Bumble. As soon as I got confirmation and the itinerary, I couldn't contain my excitement and then I started to panic about what to wear as it would be my first ever festival. After I learnt that Hayley and Zoe were coming along too, I knew this trip was going to full of fun, laughter and memories. Hayley and I stayed at the Lancaster Hotel near Paddington station on Thursday night and enjoyed a scrumptious three course dinner (full review soon) before hitting the sack, ready for our adventures the next day.

Day One - We hopped on the 10am train and after a little delay and sitting on someone's suitcase for pretty much the whole journey (good job First Great Western!) we arrived just after after 2pm and settled in our amazing Yurtel, talk about camping in style! After a quick freshen up, we headed towards the Bumble stall for our styling session, but stopped in our tracks for a cider, priorities comes first you know. Regional Educator and Bumble stylist Bea Watson created the ultimate festival up do for me complete with a few plaits and some daisies. We then took off and explored the festival knowing our hair was looking beautiful. Zoe was due in about 9pm, but didn't arrive till around 11:30pm because of track closures caused by the storms, she could of easily turned back and went home, but she waited and finally made it, such a trooper! After sampling some amazing churros (yes, we had them about 12am), off to bed we went.port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
bumble and bumble at port eliot festival 2014
bumble and bumble at port eliot festival 2014
styling by bea watson
port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
Day Two - Up nice and early to a queue for a shower, it took about 40 minutes, but hey, I've heard worst before, i.e no showers, then headed off to meet Stephen Jones for our one to one. He created three mood boards of styles and chose the Cornwall Girls for me, Prom for Hayley and Festival for Zoe, needless to say, we all loved our looks. After a little scenic walk towards the river, we headed back for a spot of lunch with the Bumble team at Fortnum & Mason where I sampled the most incredible tasting steak sandwich ever! And the pricing wasn't too bad either, you'd think it would cost a lot, but dishes ranged from £6 - £12 and were a decent size. The evening came along pretty swiftly and instead of partying hardcore, we retired to the tents early, rounded up every blanket, cushion and chairs we could find and sat outside having a good old chat and laugh that lasted several hours. It was lovely just to wind down ahead of the journey home, the next day.styling by bumble and bumble at port eliot festival 2014
styling by stephen jones at port eliot festival 2014
styling by stephen jones at port eliot festival 2014
styling by stephen jones at port eliot festival 2014
styling by stephen jones at port eliot festival 2014
styling by bumble and bumble at port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
fortnum and mason at port eliot festival 2014
hair tapestry by bleach london at port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
childrens catwalk at port eliot festival 2014
port eliot festival 2014
Day Three - Home sweet home, but not without a sampling a scone. A Cornwall trip will never be complete if you didn't sample the famous cream tea. Although it wasn't in the style of an afternoon tea session, we did what we could and found a stall that sold them and they were AMAZING! It totally set me up for the long journey home and this time we managed to get a seat. On the train, we barely spoke to one another as we were all so internet deprived at the festival that the minute we found some 3G connection and a socket, we caught up with our social media and all that. Four hours flew by and it was time to say bye to my lovelies. If you're reading this, thank you for being the best company I could ever ask for!

So that's how my weekend went in a nutshell, Port Eliot is somewhere I would visit again as there's just so much variety and something for everyone. I would love to go to more festivals now that I've had a little taster and I'll definitely be calling my mini bears to join me (inside joke with my girlies). Thank you to Bumble and Bumble for having me, Chalk Beauty for sorting all the arrangements, and not forgetting Stephen Jones for making look festival fabulous.

Have you been to Port Eliot festival before? If not, fancy joining me next year?
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