26th August 2016

Steps To A Positive Life

“Positivity comes from within and as soon as you feel positive on the inside, it will show on the outside”. These wise words were from my grandpa, who sadly past…

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23rd August 2016

Ibiza Is For Everyone

If I said to you I was planning a trip to Ibiza, what would your immediate reaction be? I know when I told my mum that we were going to…

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21st August 2016

The Bronzers You Need

Ahhh, bronzers, probably one of my favourite make up products alongside foundations and lipsticks, I love a nice, tanned, glowy look and bronzers do a great job at helping me…

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18th August 2016

Mini Travel Guide To Singapore

Singapore is a country that I have the utmost love for, I have been there one too many times and pretty much call it my ‘second home’, but each time…

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