A bit of Kors…..

It was our one year anniversary last Monday. Being the uber stylish (ahem) girlfriend, I decided to get him something he’s always wanted and a few small bits. He had always moaned about not owning a nice “going out” jacket, so while shopping in Bluewater, I picked up this little gem in Zara. He’s a very simple dresser and likes light colours, so I thought this would look great on him, teamed with his blue jeans and a nice t-shirt.

Unfortunately, it didn’t fit him, it was a size XL. The length of the arms and body was okay, but because he has quite broad shoulders, it was too tight in that area. Sadly, I returned the blazer and he is yet to pick another present.

My gift from him <3

An amazing Michael Kors leather tote

I couldn’t contain my excitement when he gave this to me and carried it round the house even if there was nothing in it. 🙂


We then proceeded to our local Nandos for dinner, which is our favourite.

Look at my awful eye bags. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, need to get some quality shut eye this week.

My lovely boyfriend Dan

Our meal <3

What did you all get up to this weekend?



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