Cinema Date #8

Hey Dearys,

I went to see “The Amazing Spider” with my boyfriend and my best mates the other day and only one word to describe the film, AMAZING! I have also developed a bit of a crush on Andrew Garfield. 🙂

2D - The Amazing Spider-Man (12A)

Review and Suggestion – I am adding this movie to my “Favourite films of the year” list. I enjoyed this so much. The storyline and the cast were brilliant and Emma Stone in particular is a little hottie she is. 🙂 
She was also in another movie that I really liked called “The Help” and she was fantastic in that too. I watched this in 3D and as you may or may not know, I am not a fan of 3D movies. I only watched this one in 3D because we were too late for the 2D one. But, having said that, this version was not too bad actually, I quite enjoyed it with the extra effects. Big thumbs up from me and definitely worth a trip to the cinema.



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