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Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re all okay. I know a lot you out there love fashion and style, but sometimes the price of certain items are so overpriced for what it is, that you take one look at the tag, scream “WHAT!” in your head, then gracefully put it back down again or you close the site you’re looking at. That happens to me all the time.

So, the best thing I can advise you all is to put the item you wanted in to your memory bank and search around for a cheaper alternative. Below are my top sites for finding fashion for less.

Ebay – You can just about find anything on Ebay! I am regular shopper on the site and the list of bargains I’ve found is endless. I know some people would never shop from there and I do admit that some stuff I’ve bought is a bit shabby or not as great as the description says, but I didn’t pay much for it, so if I get a few wears or uses out of it, I’m fine. Recently, I purchased two pairs of new American Apparel Disco Pants off Ebay for £100 and that’s a really good price, considering they cost £70 each in the shop.

Here are a few advice points I would like to give if you’re thinking to shop on Ebay, they are:

  • Make sure you search around and not just settle for one listing.

  • Always check seller feedback, the more greens you see the better.

  • Set yourself a max bid, as in how much you’re willing to pay for that particular item and stick to it. Don’t worry if you don’t win it this time, there will be more listings as soon as other sellers realise that they can make money and jump on the bandwagon.

  • Wait till the last few seconds to bid if you can as you’re most likely to win it. I usually start bidding at about ten seconds with my max amount. By the time you have place and confirm it, other buyers will only have a few seconds to spare to outbid you.

  • Pay as soon as you can when you win the listing. You will receive positive feedback from the seller.

TheOutnet – is the sister site of It offers a wide range of luxury fashion at affordable “designer” prices. For high end designer lovers on a budget, this site would be your heaven. They stock brands like Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo and many, many more. Prices are up to 60% to 70% off, so grab yourself a bargain before the stock sells out!

FashionVouchers – Whenever I shop online, I always wonder where I can get some discount, even if its a small amount, its better than nothing. Fashion Vouchers always makes this possible, they offer discount codes on many top sites including Urban Outfitters, Motel Rocks and Dune with up to 25% off or free delivery. It is also very easy to navigate round their website to find the best discounts.

Everything5pounds – I have only recently come across this website and was amazed at what they had to offer. You can get anything from dresses to coats to shoes and bags, all for a mere £5. How great is that? You would never feel guilty having a splurge on this site as you can pretty much get a whole outfit for as little as £20. All their orders are fully trackable when shipped and they also offers a returns service, where they also refund your delivery costs.

ChiaraFashion – Chiara Fashion offers good quality and trendy clothing for a a very low price. Having gone through their range, I have noticed many fashionable items that I have seen before on other high street sites such as Topshop and River Island but for half the price. I haven’t purchased anything from the site yet, but I have already started to fill up my basket with items such as dip hemmed cross vest tops and cropped bralets. 

FunkyDivaa – Funky Divaa has got to be one of my favourites. They’re cheap, fashionable and provide exceptional service. I am a totally addicted to this website. You can find the latest trends such as high waisted short pants to floaty sheer playsuits for less than £15. They also offer beauty products from the famous drugstore brand, Barry M. Their delivery service is trackable and is reasonably priced.

Other tips for saving money on fashion:

  • Charity shops and Boot sales are the best place to find items for cheap. It may take you some time to look for things, but you may find that you often pick up things that are unique and vintage that nobody has.
  • Ask for discount if a certain item you wanted to buy is faulty or marked (where it is easily fixable) and there are no more in stock. Most shops offer 10% off on these items.
  • If you read blogs, you can often find new sites to look at. These sites are advertised by the blogger and sometimes they offer discount codes.
  • If you’re a student and have a valid student card, you can get 10% off most high street brands.
  • Outlet villages such as Bicester and Ashford are good places to find designer clobber at discounted prices. Make sure you allow yourself lots of time to dig through and always take a big bag or trolley with you to carry all your shopping. It can get quite hectic in these villages.

How do you lovelies manage to shop savvy with low budgets? Do you have any top websites that you can recommend? 




  1. 31st July 2012 / 2:31 pm

    I love your ideas on fashion on a budget! I love these sort of posts! I've started a similar one except for makeup on my blog. Another trick I've found with eBay is you can use a program called Auction Stealer to place bids for you – it basically places your bid for you at the last minute, you just put in the maximum amount you're prepared to pay for it and if you're the highest bid you win! Great for auctions that are ending in the middle of the night!

    • 7th August 2012 / 1:31 pm

      Oh, cool. I'll definitely have a look.

      Thanks for tip. 🙂


  2. 5th November 2012 / 2:36 pm

    I Love Ebay! I never over bid on something but usually walk away thinkin I should have bid more 🙁 I run a preloved fashion site. take a look I think your love it! @cherrybombbtq

  3. 13th November 2012 / 12:31 am

    @Ashlee – eBay is the best. I buy most things from there. I will take a look, thank you hun. xx

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