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Hey Dearys,

Hope you’re all okay. Thought I’d a “Current Skincare” post today, just to let you know what I’ve been using lately.

My skin is a mixed between combination and sensitive skin types. Combination skin is when you have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and normal/dry cheeks and sensitive skin is pretty self explanatory. My cheeks are the most sensitive area and when harsh products are used, they tend to sting and go a bit red, so I try to steer clear of stronger perfumed products. 

Since coming back from my holiday, I have also developed some slight dehydration on my skin too, so it’s been really hard trying to find the best products to suit my current skin condition. 

I decided to try out La Roche Posay products as I have read good reviews about them before, so off I headed to my nearest Boots.

I picked up two La Roche Posay items, they were the Effaclar Foaming Gel Cleanser and the Effaclar Duo Corrective and Unclogging Moisturiser.

Effaclar Foaming Gel Cleanser  – I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and I can already see the difference. My skin is a lot clearer and smoother. The gel foams up really well with water and creates a big lather, which is easy to spread across my face. The skin type for this product aimed for oily, sensitive skin, which is exactly what I needed. It comes in a large 200ml bottle and costs £10.21. You can click here to buy this from

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 – I don’t usually use toner, but as I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of break outs lately, I did a little research online and it said using a toner helps give your skin one final clean after cleansing and also closes your pores. I do wear make up on a daily basis, so making sure my skin is squeaky clean is very important to me. I picked this Clinique toner as I’ve heard some good reviews about it and as stated on the website, it is also an exfoliator, which is a bonus. They have 4 levels of this toner and each number represents a skin type, I chose number 3 because it is for combination oily skin. I usually put three swabs of this on to a cotton pad and sweep it over my face and neck and the first few times I used this, the cotton pad was filled with leftover make up and dirt. Now, I’ve gotten in to the habit of really deep cleaning my skin at cleanse, so the toner doesn’t have to work too hard as such. I have noticed a significant improvement to the appearance of my skin after using this and I am having less break outs. This 200ml bottle costed me 16 Euros from a duty free store in Greece and in the UK, its costs £16.00. You can click here to purchase it from the Clinique website.

Effaclar Duo Corrective and Unclogging Moisturiser/Base – I’m a bit unsure on whether this is a moisturiser or a make up base, but I absolutely love this and could rave about it all day long. I have been using this straight after toning and haven’t had the need to apply extra moisturiser on top, so this seems okay for me as a day cream. The purpose of this product is exactly what it says on the tube, corrective and unclogging and it is for skin with severe imperfections. I had quite bad spots during my teenage years and have been left with small scars and marks on my face. I didn’t expect this to be some sort of miracle treatment, but since I’ve been using this product, I have noticed a small improvement to my skin texture, it seems a bit more light and radiant looking. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a moisturiser or make up base that helps to correct imperfections of the skin as well as non-clogging. A 40ml tube costs £13.00 and can be purchased here from

Bio-Oil – As mentioned above, I have slight dehydration on my skin since coming back from holiday, I blame this on the sun, although  I am 100% a sun worshipper. This oil is good for a number of things, scars, stretch marks and dehydration being amongst the list. I have been using this every night as a night moisturiser and don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely working, but it feels quite heavy on the face, most probably due to it being an oil and it gets in my hair all the time, which is quite annoying because it makes my hair look greasy. Thank god for dry shampoo in the mornings. Other than that, this does the job and smells nice too. The price of this product is £8.99 for 60ml and can be found and purchased here from

Hope you’ve enjoyed my skincare post and have a lovely weekend. 🙂




  1. 17th May 2014 / 6:30 pm

    A great post
    I experience the hormonal spots and been wanting to try the infamous effaclar range.

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