ELEXU Style It Soho Competition – The Start…..

I was recently contacted by ELEXU (pronounced “Elects you“), a media company based in London inviting me to enter a fashion competition as a fashion blogger. They are currently launching a new worldwide social interactive platform which focuses on enabling individuals to showcase their unique talent.

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On Wednesday, I attended a pre-competition event where I met the organisers and the other participants involved. During this event, we were all given an insight in to what Elexu is about and the competition details.


About the competition

The aim of the competition is to produce a single photograph that captures a moment. The participants are placed in to a team which consists of a blogger, a stylist, a model and a photographer and are given a location of where to shoot within the Soho area. The teams plan how they want their picture to look like, the outfit and the setting. The final photo is then uploaded on to Elexu’s social interactive platform where the public are able to vote for the winning picture.

The prize

An Elexu Swag Bag filled with a number of beauty products!!!

We were then put in to our teams and asked to pick our locations at random. Cassie, my team’s gorgeous model picked out ‘Vintage Magazine Shop’, which I am extremely happy about. You can sort of imagine all the thoughts going through our heads at the time in terms of how I was going to blog about it, how we were going style the model and how our winning photo should look like.

After the event ended, Cassie and I decided to take a trip to the shop to find out exactly what we would be dealing with on the day of the shoot. The shop is located on Brewer Street in Soho and the magazine section is downstairs. We proceeded to have little wonder round, taking pictures and throwing ideas at eachother before deciding on our perfect shot.

Image source – Vinmag

The shoot is due to take place on Monday the 3rd of September. This is the first time I have been involved in such an interactive event and I am extremely excited about it. The next post on this will be the process of the shoot, the final photo and how to vote. Be sure to come back and visit my blog for the updates

If you are a talented individual and want the chance to showcase your unique talents, please visit Elexu’s website here and sign up to find out more

With Love, Julie



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