Body Of Lace

Squeezing in the last drops of British summer, I rescued one of my favourite lace bustier’s from my “to put away till next summer pile” to accompany my Levi’s shorts.

Bustier – Topshop via Ebay £17.00

Shorts – Levi’s via Ebay £30.00

Sandals – New Look (old) £7.99

Gold Cuffs – H&M £3.99 and Primark £1.00 (sale)

I wore this outfit for a meal yesterday at a Japanese restaurant. Luckily I did wear these shorts as they’re a little bit big for me so in turn very accomodating for my massive bloated stomach after eating, I have never been so full in my life. I know a lot of people say sushi never fills you up, but I was well and truly stuffed.

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas already? In a little less than four months time, we’ll be celebrating the festive season again and that means being bankrupt for ages after, oh the joys.

Tonight, I’m attending the My Celebrity Fashion website relaunch event in Shoreditch, Central London. I’m really looking forward to it despite being a little nervous as its my first proper event as a fashion blogger. I will keep all you lovelies posted on what I wore and how it all went in the next couple days. However, do follow me on Twitter (@JulieLy15) if you want live updates on the event.

With Love, Julie



  1. 4th September 2012 / 12:38 pm

    Lovely outfit! 🙂
    Loving the nail polish colour too! 🙂 xx

    • 6th September 2012 / 4:58 am

      Thank you hun. 🙂


  2. 4th September 2012 / 2:17 pm

    Gorgeous! I wish I could get away with wearing outfits like this! I love the leaf cuff too 🙂 xx

    • 6th September 2012 / 5:07 am

      Thank you so much.


    • 6th September 2012 / 5:21 am

      Thank you sweetie!


  3. 5th September 2012 / 11:58 am

    Lovely outfit hon! You look great x

    • 8th September 2012 / 12:12 am

      Thank you my lovely.


    • 8th September 2012 / 12:13 am

      Aww, it's Models Own pastel pink.

      Thank you.


    • 8th September 2012 / 12:16 am

      Aww, thank you hun!


    • 8th September 2012 / 12:16 am

      Thank you so much.


  4. 6th September 2012 / 11:06 am

    You look great!! Love the outfit and the nailpolish!


    • 8th September 2012 / 12:21 am

      Thank you hun. The nail polish at Models Own pastel pink.


    • 11th September 2012 / 12:44 am

      Thank you! I loved your outfit at the MCF party.


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