PinkMothballs App Launch Event

On Saturday evening, I attended the PinkMothballs launch event held at the Love and Liquor bar in Kilburn. I took my sister along as she had been going on about wanting to come to an event with me for a while, so when Amanda (Founder of PinkMothballs) said I was aloud a plus one, I asked my sister straight away and she excitedly agreed.

What is PinkMothballs?

When times are hard and you have limited money to buy a new frock for that special occasion or a night out, why not borrow from a friend? PinkMothballs is an Iphone app that allows you to virtually browse your friend’s wardrobe, borrow their clothes, pick up the item and return it when you’re done (in a clean condition of course) all via your phone. 

The story so far…..

The app was founded by fashion fanatic, Amanda Baker. Her mission is to help girls keep up with the latest trends without having to expand their overdraft. She hopes that, one day her baby will become the biggest money saving fashion app. “A girl can dream” as she says. 

For more information and the benefits of the app, please click here.

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Now on to the event….. After having some much needed grub (lining our stomaches for the cocktails), we headed off to the venue and were the first to arrive. As soon as we entered the event area, we were greeted by Amanda who gave us our goody bags and handed us cocktails. We found a cosy little spot in the corner while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

My pretty sis, Meme

Each table had jars full of sweets, tongs and paper bags for guests.

Yes, this is a cake with an Ipad in it, so amazing!

The lovely Rhiannon and I.

Sweetie Clare and Gorgeous Sarah.

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With Amanda.

Dressing up with the props provided.

Sis looking a bit red after one too many cocktails!

Amanda giving a little speech and showing us a clip of the app.

Contents of the lovely goody bag.

I had a great time that night, thank you to Amanda for having us and well done on your new project. I also wanted to thank Grace who told me about the event in the first place, but sadly she couldn’t make it as she was not feeling too good. Get well soon Grace…!

With Love, Julie



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      It was indeed. Your post on it was great.


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