Young Trendsetters

Have you ever been baby/kiddy clothes shopping and thought “Oooh, that’s so trendy, I’d get that for my boy/girl?“. I always get that when I’m out shopping, only the fact that I don’t have any children as of yet, but I do have some really cute nieces and a nephew. 

Next is a place that I always tend to go to when clothes shopping for them as the designs are bang on trend and the quality is really good.  On a recent shopping trip, I decided to treat my two nieces and my nephew to some new bits and show you how youngsters these days can be trendsetters. 

Model – Lucas Ly (Age: 6)

Shirt – Next £10.00

Lucas matches this green checkered shirt with some tan coloured chinos for a fashionable and edgy look. For his feet, he chooses to pair this outfit with some white canvas trainers (not shown) to keep it casual yet on trend.

Model – Nevaeh Best (Age: 3)

Dress – Next £11.00

This red cord A line dress is the perfect shade for Nevaeh as it matches her skin tone really well. She is usually more of an urban girl when it comes to fashion, this little dress brings out the cuteness in her. 

Model: Gracie Ly (Age: 5 months)

Top – Next £11.00

Lastly, we have Gracie who of course, is not old enough to make her own choices in fashion yet. So being the uber cool fashionista (ahem!) I picked up this lace peplum top which has been paired with some sweet star printed skirt leggings for the ultimate party season outfit.

What do you think of fashion for youngsters these days? Would you be dressing your baby/child/niece/nephew in the latest trends?

With Love, Julie

Please note – I had full consent from the parents of the models to use these images in this post.



  1. 7th November 2012 / 9:27 pm

    omg this post was so adorable!

  2. 8th November 2012 / 10:51 am

    so adorable!

  3. 13th November 2012 / 12:11 pm

    @Christine – Thanks hun. xx
    @Sandra – Hee! Thanks. xx
    @Rakel – They are indeed. Thanks! xx
    @Joanna – Yeah, she is, chubby cheeks. xx

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