Abi O Beau Bronz Shimmer Tan Boost

Abi O Beau Bronz Shimmer Tan Boost (*)

I first tried this tan boost when I attended the MCF relaunch party back in September time. I remember Abi O was there herself to demonstrate how to use the products and she also commented on how soft my skin was. 
Shimmer tan boost is a light tanning cream incorporated with gold glistening shimmer to provide a glowing appearance to the skin and is best suited for tanned, black or brown skins. Upon application, the lotion was smooth and really easy to spread. You also don’t need a lot of product as a little goes along way. Once absorbed in to the skin, it does leave a really prominent gold shimmer, so I wouldn’t recommend it for day time use. If you have read some of my older posts on tanning products, you would know that I’m not a big fan of strong DHA smell and unfortunately, this does leave a bit of a pong behind. Other than the scent, this product is great for achieving a golden, bronze look, the shimmer also enhances the skin tone very well.

Shimmer Tan Boost is available online and come in two sizes. Do visit their website for more information and other tanning products in the range.

Have you tried any Abi O Beau Bronz products before?

With Love, Julie

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  1. 2nd December 2012 / 9:55 pm

    This looks absolutely gorgeous on your skin – sounds great for a night out!

  2. 2nd December 2012 / 10:51 pm

    mmMmMm love the glittery finish. I have way too many bronzers, have to fnish some of the ones I have before I get more!!


  3. 4th December 2012 / 1:31 pm

    @HeartsAndCrosses – You defo should, it's really nice apart from the scent, haha! xx
    @Laura – Yep, indeed, it will look lovely with a nice dress. xx
    @Laura – Haha! A girl can never have too much make up. xx
    @Jess – Yay! Do you like it? xx

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