Ghost Moonlight Perfume

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GHOST Moolight Eau De Toilette 50ml (*)

GHOST Moonlight is described as a floral oriental scent with a rich gourmand base. The blend of ingredients such as Ginger, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Pink Peony creates a tapestry of emotions and a subtle romantic accord. The two tone colour graduation goes from light to dark represents day and night. It is a scent that flows freely through the early lights of the day and descends as dusk approaches.

The bottle design is similar to GHOST’s first ever eau de toilette launched in 2000 which I own and love. I am a massive perfume fan and have over 30 bottles of different brands. I don’t have one particular fragrance that I like, but I am quite fond of fresh and woody scents. GHOST Moonlight definitely lives up to its description of being spicy and vibrant as well as capturing the true spirit of elegance at the beginning of application. However, throughout the day, it had loss it’s power and I could not smell it anymore. This is quite disappointing as I have heard many good reviews on previous GHOST perfumes. To conclude, I like the scent of this eau de toilette, but would not recommend buying it, unless you only need it for a quick coffee with your mates or a walk down the shops.

GHOST Moonlight is available in 3 sizes, 30ml £25.00, 50ml £34.00 and 75ml £46.50 and will hit the shops in February 2013.

With Love, Julie


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