Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Skincare Review

Skin Regimen Juvenate-Pro Booster (*)

Skin Regimen Juvenate-Pro Rich Cream (*)

Skin Regimen Night Renewer (*)

I attended the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen launch event a while back and was lucky enough to receive some products from their range to try. Comfort Zone already have a selection of skincare products available for all skin types and Skin Regimen is an advanced line focusing on correcting signs of ageing by offering products and supplements to suit your needs. I don’t think I have many signs of ageing just yet, but I was eager to try out these products. Like I said in my launch event post, I am at that stage where I do need to start preventing my skin from ageing and what attracted me the most about the range was the treatment of uneven skin tone. Being a total sun worshipper, the UV rays has, unfortunately taken effect on my skin and has produced patches of uneven shades, therefore I was excited to see what it could do for me.

Juvenate-Pro Booster – A intensive serum with protective action against acceleration of ageing. This is recommended for mature skins with wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Okay, so my skin isn’t actually mature with wrinkles, but I am intrigued as to what it can do for my uneven skin tone. I used 5-6 drops of this before bed every night and not only has it hydrated my skin massively, my skin is also less red (uneven parts) and more plumper than usual. 

Juvenate-Pro Rich Cream – Formulated with switch technology, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, this cream is for mature and depleted skins. The texture is quite rich (living up to it’s title), but feels extremely light when it’s on my skin. It is super moisturising and along with the pro booster serum, it really is an amazing combination. My skin is left softer, smoother and bouncier.

Night Renewer – This is my favourite product from the range. A rinse off gel peeling mask that aims to activate cell turnover for a brighter and fresher complexion. I use this two times a week as directed and can hand on heart say that my skin has improved tremendously over the past 3 weeks and I’m very much sure it’s because of this mask. Recommended for young skin with first signs of ageing, I believe this was the perfect product to start off with in terms of finding the right skincare for newbies like me. After rinsing, this mask leaves me with such a nice glow that I sometimes have to do a double take in the mirror. 

I would highly recommend trying out these products whether you’re new to anti-ageing skincare or fancy a change that will give you results. Skin Regimen range is available from April.

What are your thoughts of anti-ageing skincare? What stage are you at?



    • 19th October 2013 / 1:57 pm

      Let me know how you get on. xx

    • 19th October 2013 / 1:58 pm

      It's lovely, defo give it a try. xx

  1. 16th February 2013 / 1:03 am

    Great post!


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