Loreal Total Repair 5 Deep Intensive Hair Mask Review FRI

Loreal Total Repair Deep Intensive Hair Mask (known in the UK as Full Restore 5 Mask Pot) £5.09

Don’t we all love a good pampering session? In my eyes, every girl should always have that extra “me” time during the week to have a head to toe pamper to make themselves feel beautiful. I have two of those sessions a week. Before going out to Hong Kong, I made sure that I had everything I needed to continue my rituals weekly without fail. Obviously, I wasn’t sure enough and did indeed fail because I forgot to bring one of the most important products, a hair mask. Panic stricken and thank god for late night shopping, I hurried down to Sasa and purchased this hair mask.

Loreal Total Repair mask is known in the UK as the Full Restore 5 mask. The Loreal laboratories developed a Pro-Keratin and Ceramide enriched formula aiming to combat five problems using just one solution. It promises to restore weak and limp hair as well as restoring shine and moisture. 

I will just start off by saying that I LOVE this mask! It’s rich, nourishing texture leaves my hair feeling silky soft without any build up of greasiness. My hair also feels much cleaner and healthier after each use and it doesn’t irritate my scalp at all. The scent is gorgeous and does linger for a long time which I thought was pretty amazing as some other masks I’ve tried, the smell disappears quite quickly. Also, being a drugstore brand, this is very inexpensive and because it is packaged in a tub, it allows you to scoop out every last drop so you get your money’s worth. I have no negative things to say about this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone needing a new hair mask that works wonders.

Have you tried anything from  the Total Repair/Full Restore 5 range before?


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