Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask Review

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask £29.66

Overnight masks has somewhat become a ‘must‘ in my daily skincare routine. My current fave is the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack which I have reviewed on this blog before. While I was away in Hong Kong, a friend of mine suggested trying the Sulwhasoo overnight mask as it has done wonders for her dehydrated skin. Obviously me being me (extremely easy to convince when it comes to buying new beauty products), off I went to purchase one. 

Sulwhasoo (the translation of Snowflower) is Korean Brand which focuses on using herbal medicinal ingredients and the latest dermatological advances to create their products. Overnight Vitalizing Mask is formulated to feed a supply of moisture and nutrients to your skin so it is left looking nourished, bright and radiant. Applying one layer, I instantly feel a cool sensation to my skin and because of it’s creamy consistency, it already feels extra moisturising even before it’s started working. Leaving it on overnight was breeze since I’m quite use to sleeping in a way where I won’t get any product on to my pillows. Taking it off the next morning for the first time with no cleanser as directed was rather weird, but I followed based on the instructions. My skin definitely looked so much more brighter compared to the dull complexion the night before. After a few more uses, I can see and feel a visible difference to my skin texture, it is more plump and has more tone to it.

However, I wouldn’t say this particular one is a ‘must‘ buy as the Laneige one, in my opinion, performs a little better (for my skin type), but if you’re looking for a cream based mask because you have extremely dry skin, then this one would be your first choice.

Have you heard of or tried any Sulwhasoo products before?


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