Decorating My Bedroom

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With the amount of room tours I have read about
or watched on YouTube lately, it has really given me the kick up the bum in
terms of getting my room sorted out. It is a bit of an organised mess at the
moment, but it is slowly and I do mean slowly, getting in to shape. I am no
expert when it comes to DIY, building furniture, painting etc, I normally
leave that in the hands of the men in my life. After doing some research online
for tutorials and guides, this free ebook from Local Traders where it
teaches you 28 basics steps to DIY came in very handy. I can honestly say that, after reading it,
I have never been so excited about stripping my walls! It is so user friendly
and tells you exactly what you need, making beginners like me in to professionals.

The top tips that I will definitely be using from
the guide are:

1) How to strip wallpaper – My walls are a complete
mess at the moment! The wallpaper is coming loose, the texture is not smooth at
all and it just looks really ugly. After stripping it, I will be looking to
paint them, possibly a pastel pink colour as my new furniture will be white or ivory.

2) How to paint the walls and ceiling – I know
painting seems like quite an easy job that everyone and their mum can do, but
my god, how wrong was I? I offered to help out a friend of mine quite a while
ago and didn’t realise it was such a job and a half that I gave up after an

3) How to lay flooring – Now, this will be one hell
of a task, but it is something that I’m looking to achieve. I know I won’t be
short of help when I need it, but I have to at least give this go and say to
others when they come round ‘You know that perfect looking floor you’re standing on, I laid that’

Once my room has been done up and decorated, I
have an idea of what furniture I want. Below is a sneak peek of a few bits and
who knows, I may pluck up the courage to do my own room tour video one day.

Bedstead, Multi Drawer Chest, Drawer Unit, Mirror, Dressing Table

Have you blogged about your room or done a video on it? If yes, please let me know, so I can have a little nosey and get some inspiration.


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