Fancy Dress Virgin

Are you always stuck for ideas when you get invited to a
fancy dress party…..? I am totally with you if you are, because this is the
reason why I choose to either not go, party pooper, yes I know or possibly try
and find an accessory that sort of matches the theme. Don’t get me wrong, I
love watching people turn up in fancy dress and having a good laugh about it,
but when it comes to me dressing up, I’m just lost in terms of what to wear and
where to look.

I always admire those who can pull together fancy dress
costumes very well and look so immaculate at the same time. Heidi Klum for
example is already planning for her annual Halloween party and she promised
that this year’s costume will be even more extravagant than last year.

My sister is getting married next year and I would love to
plan something spectacular for her hen party, so this will be my chance to
finally break my fancy dress virginity and go all out! Recently, I came across one
particular site called Fancy Dress Ball. Stocking various costumes
ranging from Superhero’s to Egyptian goddesses, I’m sure I’ll be able to find
what I need on there. If, like me, you’re also a bit of a fancy dress virgin, I
would suggest checking out their site. Prices aren’t bad either and they’ll throw in a free wine voucher  with your order too.

Here are a few of my top picks:

Catwoman, Snow White, Sailor Girl, Marilyn Monroe, Goldilocks

Do you enjoy going to fancy dress parties?


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