He-Shi Express Liquid Tan Review

He-Shi Express Liquid Tan £20.00 (*)

This is easily one of the best fake tan products that I have come across in a while. It’s usually quite hard for me to find a good tanning product that gives a nice colour without smelling like a piece of burnt toast. In my previous posts about fake tanning, I did state that I have an intense hate relationship with the after smell of tanning products. It’s a horrible scent that just lingers for so long after application, it makes me want to scrub it off straight away. 

Anyways, enough about that, back on to the product itself. He-Shi Express Liquid Tan is an exceptionally well performing fake tan in my eyes. It is an award winning bronzer that tans on contact, aiming to leave you with a lovely bronzed complexion. Using the He-Shi Tanning Mitt, I poured a small amount on to the surface of the foam. I would advise to be a bit careful when pouring, mainly due to it’s liquid texture, you wouldn’t want to have any accident, especially on carpet. I applied it using sweeping movements all over my body. Because it does instantly give colour to your skin, you can see exactly where you’ve put it to avoid over-doing particular areas. I also cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate beforehand too, the last thing you want is random dry patches that catches the colour and makes your tan look uneven. The liquid is so light during application, it doesn’t actually feel like there’s any product on your skin which is amazing. It also dries within two minutes meaning you can get dressed quite quickly knowing your tan won’t be smudged.

The results are simply fantastic, I love the bronze look it gives me without being too unnatural. It’s easy to apply and I would highly recommend using the mitt, it was definitely helpful with getting to those hard to reach areas. I honestly cannot recommend this enough, it is my favourite tanning product by far this year.

Have you tried any He-Shi products before?



    • 16th July 2014 / 1:47 am

      Defo try it, I do prefer Rapid though. xx

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