Sunday Catch Up #2

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(My gorgeous niece, Gracie poo, Feeling very happy that I finally have some wardrobe space, Watch c/o Swatch, The ‘BEST’ primer from Benefit cosmetics, Cath Kidston shopping)

So, I officially started my diet on Monday, it’s nothing too strenuous, just cutting out fizzy drinks, sweets and no carbs after 7pm. I must say, I thought I was going to struggle, but it’s actually been rather okay. I’m also exercising a bit more, so fingers crossed I keep it up! I went along to a Swatch‘s A/W 2013 collection launch in Shoreditch this week, also pop in to House of Fraser for a La Prairie event. Their skincare range is rather luxurious and I loved it so much, my bank account is going to take a battering. I picked up a really nice Cath Kidston backpack in the Bloomsbury print on Friday. I’m preparing early for my three week holiday in Asia in November so I’m going to head back for a few more bits soon. The football season has started and although I do like watching it from time to time, I’ve kind of had enough of spending all week and all weekend listening to my colleagues and boyfriend talk about it, it was also everywhere on Facebook too, sigh. I spent Saturday tidying my wardrobe and as you can see from the little picture above, I now have room for some new bits. It’s time to start stocking up on A/W clothes, but judging by what I’ve seen at press days for the past few months, I’m going to need much more space than that. How has your week been?



    • 16th July 2014 / 12:17 am

      She is so, so cute, speaking loads too nowadays. xx

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