Topshop BB Cream Review

Topshop BB Cream in Medium 2.0 £10.00 (*)

The rapid growth of different brands creating BB creams has been quite phenomenal. Who would have thought that a product similar to a tinted moisturiser would be so popular amongst the beauty industry, it’s actually quite insane if you think about it. Of course, there is the good, the bad and the okay versions of the cream and I have had my fair share of experiences.

Not wanting to lose out on the hype, popular high street clothing brand, Topshop recently brought out their own version. I am already completely obsessed with their range of lipsticks, so you can probably imagine how excited I was to try this out. The shade I have is medium and I would say it is slightly lighter than your normal medium colours. The application is smooth whether you’re using a brush or your fingers and feels extremely comfortable on the skin. It is lightly fragranced and packaged in a slick silver tube which is great for popping in your bag for any emergencies throughout the day, or night. However, the longevity of the product is rather disappointing, lasting only two hours on me before melting off and going patchy in areas. Touch up’s were quite frequent and I ended up having to put powder over it to make sure it sets. Not one of my favourites I afraid, 3LAB BB Cream is still riding high in the stakes.

Have you tried the Topshop BB Cream before? Which ones are you particularly fond of? 



  1. 23rd August 2013 / 6:58 pm

    Aw I think that because the coverage doesn't last long it wouldn't be something I'm going to rush to buy! But I do love bb creams so it would be gd for those days I only need a light cover 🙂 good review to read thank you

    • 15th July 2014 / 11:57 pm

      Thank you hun, glad you found it useful. xx

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