Sunday Catch Up #8

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(Finally found THE Zara coat, Churros with chocolate sauce, Sunbathing, Dan and I, Alicante Port, Coke float at Tommy’s Mel diners)

Wowee, what a week! I got back from Spain last night and I’m already missing the heat. I had a lovely time in Murcia, even though I wouldn’t it as there really isn’t much to do out there. I mean, if you like beaches and laying by the pool all day, then by all means, it’s for you. But, if you’re more of a city person, then it’s definitely not what you’re looking for. There was no wifi at the apartment we stayed at, so I couldn’t blog at all, but I did schedule some posts before I went away, so I hope you enjoyed those. I did manage to do some filming while I was out there, mainly just bits and bobs, so I’ll put that in to one short highlights video for you guys which hopefully will be up on my channel soon. I hope you all had a good week.



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