Trevor Sorbie Volume Range Review

Trevor Sorbie recently went through a new image revamp and can I just mention how much slicker it looks. Much more easy to the eye with bolder colours to distinguishes the different ranges. I have always been a fan of Trevor Sorbie products and this volume collection is definitely right at the top of my favourites at the moment.

Trevor Sorbie Volume Leave-In Conditioner £5.29 (*)

Ideal for fine, flyaway hair, this leave in conditioner is lightweight, easy to use and great as a detangler. I use this on towel dried hair and leave it for a short while to absorb before blowdrying. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny afterwards and the scent is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and not too strong.

Trevor Sorbie Volume Thickening Spray £5.59 (*)

Formulated with body building ingredients, this thickening spray helped me achieve volume in my hair like nobody’s business! It’s non sticky formula is a great bonus as it makes it so easy to blow dry, leaving me with a natural looking bounce without any sticky residue at all.

Trevor Sorbie Volume Big Hair Powder £6.29 (*)

I think I’ve found a new bestie! This big hair powder is so good, it literally blew me away. After using the thickening spray and blow drying my hair, I dabbed dots of this in to my roots and scrunched my hair with my fingers at the same time. The root lift I managed to achieve was quite outstanding and I cannot begin imagine how well it would help in creating up do’s and beehives. The texture of the powder is chalky so it definitely kept its hold throughout the day. A little goes a long way, so I would suggest lightly dispersing the powder on to your roots and work with it, don’t over do the product.

What do you think of Trevor Sorbie‘s new packaging? Have you tried any of the products before?



  1. 19th September 2013 / 1:42 pm

    I've used and loved a couple of Trevor Sorbie products in the past, I really like the sound of the thickening spray so I might have to pick some up! | a british fashion & beauty blog

    • 18th July 2014 / 12:37 am

      Definitely try it, it's so good. xx

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