Delarom Revitality Balm and Oxygenating Balancing Aroma Review

Delarom is a new professional skincare brand that uses the highest quality of natural ingredients to deliver results to treat unbalanced and stressed skins. With over forty years of experience in aromatherapy, all of Delarom‘s products are infused with essential oils, organic botanicals and advanced patented biotechnology. I am a massive, massive fan of any aromatherapy products, mainly because of the scent, but I also know how effective it is in treating certain skin types, especially dull looking skins. I tend to use these types of skincare products at night because I find them too strong for day time use and with aromatherapy, using it at night also helps me relax.

Delarom Revitality Balm £54.00 (*)

Delarom‘s ‘Revitality Balm‘ is best used at night, warmed between the palms and gently applied to the skin. I like to cup my hands over my face and inhale the aromatherapy scents before actually applying is straight on to my skin. Once on, it sinks in straight away and leaves a relaxing scent trail behind. In the mornings, my skin looks refreshed and is soft to touch. Slightly on the pricey side for a product like this, but you only need a little bit each time, so one tub would definitely last you ages.

Delarom Oxygenating Balancing Aroma £44.00 (*)

Now, it has been hard finding a contender for my current favourite which is the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, but this one has definitely made an impression. This authentic concentrate of natural oils containing a complex of 100% pure and natural ingredients aims to rebalance and oxygenate the skin, promoting good circulation. To use, you apply four to five drops in to your palms and massage straight in to the skin. The fresh lemon scent hits you straight away and I felt instantly revived. Being of an oil form, you would expect it to be quite greasy after application, but actually it seeps in very quickly making me feel that I could brave wearing this after my morning skincare routine. Overall, a lovely face oil that will provide hydration and balance to your skin.

Have you tried any Delarom products before?

A full range of Delarom products is available online via Urban Retreat Beautique.


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