My Top Three Ways To Earn Some Extra Cash

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As my holiday is fast approaching (I go away on Saturday, eeek!), I have been frantically running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out my holiday money. After some much thought through calculations, I realised that I really could do with some extra pennies to take on holiday. So in the last month, I managed to a) clear out my wardrobe b) clear out my beauty cupboard and c) sort through all my old CD’s, DVD’s and all other small bits that could do with a new home. 

I have been using three main ways to earn that extra bit of money, so I thought I’d quickly share it on here and maybe you can pick up some tips. Especially now that Christmas is just around the corner, I’m sure everyone will be feeling the pull on their strings at some point. 

Boot Sales – I only started getting in to boot sales last year and on my first go, I managed to earn £150 which got me so excited, that each week I went back to sell more. I stopped after the weather started to turn cold and only got back in to again this summer. I did my last one for the year, just last week, it was so so cold, but I soldiered through and got my earnings to add to my holiday fund. Boot sales are a great way to earn quick money, but don’t expect too much, your goods are second hand after all and be prepared for some serious haggle from customers.

Music Magpie – I was first introduced to Music Magpie by my boyfriend actually. He started to use the site to get rid of his old computer games and CD’s last year and really enjoyed using the service. When I mentioned to him about trying to earn some extra monies for our holiday, Music Magpie was the first thing he suggested to look in to. So that night, I dug out all the old singles, albums and DVD’s I wanted to get rid of, gave them all to him and he sorted it out for me. Apart from music and technology stuff, you can also sell your clothes on there which I might consider, the next time I have a clear out.

eBay – I am a massive eBay fan and use it weekly to buy and to sell. It is a bit of a chore to upload pictures and write descriptions etc, but you earn far more than you would at a boot sale. I tend to save the more current stuff and better quality items for eBay as I know people would be willing to pay more for it. I like to upload listings to end on a Sunday evening where customers are more likely to be browsing the internet and doing online shopping.

Have you used any of the above to earn extra cash? Let me know if you found my tips useful.



    • 22nd July 2014 / 2:01 am

      Haha! I'm now using Depop which is pretty decent. xx

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