DHC Olive Body Butter Review

DHC Olive Body Butter £15.50 (*)

As per normal, when the cold, wintery weather sets in, I find myself reaching out for the more rich and nourishing products. This DHC Olive Body Butter is packed full of moisturising ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil and promises to ensure your skin stays hydrated and soft throughout the winter months. 

Let me start off with the packaging, I would say it’s very cutesy and girly, perfect for those vintage inspired dressing tables, like my own. The texture is thick, but has more of a waxy feel, rather than cream, so quite different to body butters from The Body Shop for example. Due to the waxy texture, as soon as this was applied and rubbed in, it absorb in to my skin straight away, leaving no greasy feeling at all. Because my skin has been extra dry since coming back from my holiday, I felt like I needed an extra layer and this went on with no problems. The scent is really fresh and summery, I can’t quite pinpoint what it smells like, but it has a fruity touch to it. Overall, this does the job and does it well, but I must say, the downside to this product is the price. It costs £15.50 for what I think is a small pot of cream, by which, I can get a bigger sized body butter for less from different brands.

DHC Olive Body Butter is available from the 1st of January online via the DHC website.

Have you heard about the release of this body butter? What products do you reach out for the most during the winter?


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