NUXE Fondant Firming Cream Review

NUXE Fondant Firming Cream £33.90 (*)

A double action firming body cream that targets slack areas such as thighs, stomach and bust as well as providing anti-ageing benefits? Yep, you heard that. This fondant body cream contains ‘Brazilian Mimosa‘ and ‘Barley Sugars‘ to instantly lift the skin and ‘Kigelia Africana‘ and ‘Extract of Rye Flakes‘ to firm and strengthen. Extracts of ‘Jasmine‘ and ‘Vitamin E‘ also help to prevent premature ageing. 

The texture of the cream is rich and thick, but once applied, it glides on smoothly and disappears in to my skin straight away. It smells absolutely amazing and makes my skin feel really nice and moisturised. In terms of a firming effect, I can definitely feel that skin is tighter, especially round my thigh area, which is where I have been using it the most. I can’t say for definite that it has helped to completely firm and tone my skin as much as I hoped, but it has done a good job so far. I will continue use it and possibly start working on my stomach to see if may benefit that area more. Overall, I would recommended giving it a go, just for the scent alone is enough.

Have you tried anything from the NUXE body care range before?


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