Sunday Catch Up #21

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(Christmas dinner, The three precious ones in my life, Harvester sundae with a photobomber, ghd hair tutorial, Bubbles and hot chocolate, My Christmas presents)

How was your Christmas? I hope you all had a lovely one and received some amazing presents. To be honest, this week has been quite a chilled one compared to the last, but I guess that’s pretty normal. All the pre-Christmas rush and then after that, it’s all about winding down and enjoying the occasion. I popped out early on Boxing day for the sales and was surprised at how calm it was at Bluewater. I was ready to face a storm of crowds and all, but managed to escape with everything I wanted, plus a few extras and no arguments in tow, bravo Julie! Yesterday, Dan went out for a pub crawl with a few of his mates and left me in my own company which only meant a few things, trashy tv, lots of online shopping browsing and copious amounts of hot chocolate. He is now about to cook us a lovely dinner (ham, egg and chips) as I type, he’s a good boy.



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