Sunday ‘Late’ Catch Up #18

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(Merlion, National museum of Singapore, Night Safari, White tiger at the Singapore zoo, Marina Bay Sands, ‘Write Something’ wall at Facebook Singapore)

Honey, I’m home! I arrived back in London town early this morning, hence the extreme late Sunday catch up as per the post title. I had ‘the‘ most amazing three weeks and Singapore, as always was great and full of fun. I actually did more touristy stuff this time round than other any other time I’ve been there which was good and meant I spent less time shopping. The best bit was definitely catching up with my family, each one of them made our stay so much more worthwhile and I can’t thank them enough for treating us to endless dinners, drinks etc. Now, I’m back, I currently have a list of things to get on with, firstly, my Christmas shopping, various bloggy bits and work, so not looking forward to going in tomorrow, le sigh. Oh wells, I better get on with it, chat soon!





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