Introducing Rings and Tings

rings and tings

affordable costume jewellery

Tribal Style Collar Necklace £6.50 (*)

Triangle Pendant Necklace £6.50 (*)

Pyramid With Chain Bracelet £5.50 (*)

Rings and Tings is an online fashion site stocking unique pieces that are on trend as well as affordable. The site was created by two ladies named ‘Joy Cheung‘ and ‘Yiunam Leung‘, who were both creative students that studied in London. In 2012, after their graduation, they moved their offices from Joy’s apartment to Hong Kong Island where they now have a dedicated creative team.

The site stocks all types of fashion pieces ranging from jewellery to clothing to shoes and they ship worldwide which is a huge bonus. Having had a massive browse through their site, I now have a wishlist as long as my arm. All their pieces are fashionable, trendy and versatile and the best thing is, it really isn’t pricey at all. 

What do you think of the items I chose to add to my collection? Super gorgeous right?



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