Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray Review

Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray £5.99 (*)

Lee Stafford products are usually something I couldn’t miss when walking down the hair aisle in Boots. It’s bright pink packaging stands out by a mile and I always end up picking something up just so it can look pretty on my dressing table. Lee’s products isn’t just about the amazing pink packaging though, everything that I have tried in the past have been great for my hair, especially the ‘Hair Growth‘ collection. 

 Whether it’s hot, wet or windy, this non-sticky spray aims to provide flexible hold to your hair as well as protect it from haywire weather.  In terms of effectiveness, it works just like a hairspray and is pretty good at holding my mane in place. It leaves a light coating on my hair and the classic signature scent lingers all day, ensuring it smells fresh. Overall, it’s not an amazing product, but does what it says on the tin and is not too bad for the price.

Are you a fan of Lee Stafford products? What have you tried from his range?


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