Melvita Deodorant For Sensitve Skin Review

Melvita Deodorant For Sensitive Skin £11.00 (*)

Quite often, being a beauty blogger, we focus on the main categories of beauty products and usually forget about the less popular items in the beauty world. So today’s review is little different, but still relatively related. 

Deodorant is a key product in anyone’s lives, I mean, firstly for hygiene purposes, this is a must and not only do they keep any odd scents at bay, it protects the skin in that area. Now, the skin on your underarm may not need the same care and attention as your face for example, but it still needs to be fairly suitable to keep irritations at a minimum. I have sensitive skin, so for me to find something that is gentle enough, but still effective is very important. The way deodorants are formulated is vital, so when this one from Melvita landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks back, I was intrigued. It is an aluminium free deodorant that claims to be gentle and soothing towards the skin as well as combating odour and dampness. It contains a concoction of antibacterial active ingredients such as Usnea Lichen, Vitamin E and Silica as well as anti-inflammatory Alpha-bisabolol and Aloe Vera.

The texture of the deodorant is creamy and felt extremely moisturising against my skin. The scent is quite delicate and soft, almost a bit like a baby’s scent. Once applied, it felt light and I only needed about two reapplications throughout the day and then once again at night after a shower. Lucky for me, I am not one to suffer from body odour, but I had to do the ‘sniff’ test a few times for this review and I can happily report that all was clear. There was no irritation or any feelings of discomfort, so for me, this gets a massive thumbs up. At £11.00 for a deodorant, I guess it is quite steep, but you if you’re looking for quality and something that is specific for your skin type, then this is the one.


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