Sunday Catch Up #25

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(A feature I wrote for BlogBranch, Revlon Matte lip crayons, Collective haul on my channel, Yummy hot choclate, Dave enjoying his head rubs, The cutest baby ever, Auguste Mate)

So after my rather depressing-ish post about my career last week, this week felt slightly better as I’ve finally got on with applying for different roles and even got some good news at my current job about an idea I put forward, so let’s hope it pans out well for me. I hopped along to the Vita Liberata event on Monday and actually vlogged it! I’ve got to do some editing on it, so once it’s up, I’ll post about it on here. I also mentioned last week that I filmed a make up tutorial, please check it out and let me know what you think. On Thursday, I met up with Katie from Katie’s Beauty Blog for a little chat about a blogging project she’s working on and I’m really excited to be part of it. I’m not sure how much I can reveal on here, but once it’s all good, I will share it with you all. This weekend, I visited my sister’s new house for the first time since she moved in over two months ago and it really touched a nerve in regards to how much I want my own house. I need to stop spending and start saving, it really is now or never for me at the moment. Anyways, enough about me, how was your week?



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