Sunday Catch Up #29

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I had actually had one of the most quietest weeks in a while, other than a spot of dinner with Michelle and Suzi on Wednesday, I pretty much did nothing. We went to a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown called Suki, there was lots of variety on the menu and wasn’t restricted to just Japanese food. We then proceeded for dessert at Candy Cafe, a nice, cosy little restaurant with an awesome selection for those with a sweet tooth. Yesterday, Dan and I took his nephew to see The Lego Movie, it was okay, not as good as everybody said it was, but it was nice to see him enjoy himself. And today, well, we’ve just come back from food shopping and Dan is currently preparing a roast dinner while I sit back, relax and blog, heeee! He’s a good’un. Bit of a short catch up, but like I said, I really haven’t been up to much this week, so I’m going to end it here now, till next week, cheerio!



  1. 24th February 2014 / 4:53 am

    Your nails are so pretty!!! =) Yay, i'm gonna find you on Instagram now! ^_^

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