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Getting Married, settling down, starting a family always crosses my mind as I get older year by year. I always picture myself (cheesy as it sounds) how I wish my marriage proposal would be like. A romantic set up, in a memorable location, the way those four words come out of his mouth and oh, of course, not forgetting the most important thing, the ring.

I know that, with my boyfriend, as much as he’s attentive and pays attention to detail, when it comes down to these types of things, he really needs all the help he can get. I’m sure I’m not the only girl out there in the same situation. So, in preparation for all of this, my mum and sister have been pre-warned, whenever he decides to take the plunge of course.

The Ring

These days, there are many, many ways to source the perfect ring. It doesn’t always have to be in store, online sites are just as good and in fact, probably a lot better because there are more variations and the prices are so much better, especially for couples who are on a budget.

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The Dress

The next most important thing on a girl’s mind is, the dress. I kind of had an idea of how I would like mine to look like, but that keeps changing on a monthly basis. Not that I’m actually getting married any time soon, but a close friend of mine and my sister are both engaged and due to marry soon, so I’ve had my fair share of dress-hunting with them. At the moment, lace, off-white and cap-sleeved spring to mind. 

Image Source – Vera Wang

The Venue and Theme

Lastly, the venue and theme. My ultimate dream wedding will be in the countryside, amongst the greens, in a large cottage type house with close friends and family. The theme would be vintage, shabby chic, complete with floral buntings, lots of flowers, fairy lights and a tremendous amount of tea and cake. The guests will each receive a trinket box filled with mini eggs (my favourite chocolate ever) and a thank you card for their attendance.

Image Source – French Wedding Style

After all that, then comes the honeymoon. I’ve always wanted to honeymoon in Bali, but Dan and I ended up going there as part of our Asia trip last year, so there is no need to go back again. As much as we’re not planning on getting married now, we have actually talked about it and tentatively decided on Barbados. Although, I would like to make a trip to Japan to eat all the sushi I can get my hands on and I mean ALL the sushi and pay Hello Kitty a visit.




  1. 17th March 2014 / 5:35 pm

    this is sweet =) I would love a country wedding as well…beautiful =)

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