Five Ways To Wear A Kimono Top

Need a special touch to freshen up an outfit? Try a kimono top! Inspired by classic Japanese kimonos, these tops are feminine, colourful and soft, making them the perfect choice to revitalise any ensemble. Kimono tops work in cool and warm weather, as a flowing addition in summer or as a stunning extra layer in winter. I’ve come up with five great ways to wear your kimono top.

1) Mix with patterns and contrasting colours

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As most kimonos feature colourful print designs, they’re the perfect eye-catching piece. But why not combine it with more patterns and prints to make your kimono top even more impressive? Whether mixing with a floral dress, a checked jacket or a patterned shirt, your kimono will bring an amazing new touch to any outfit. Layering contrasting colours also works brilliantly.

2) Add another topper

Just as I mentioned above, wearing kimono tops under another layer is a great way to add more colour to an outfit in cooler weather. Typically, wearing a jacket of similar length to your kimono is a great idea, but they can still work with a smaller jacket too.

3) Go smart

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Instead of wearing a blazer or cardigan with your office dress or outfit, go with a kimono top for something a little different! A striking pattern will offset a conservative palette and bring a special touch to your work wear. This is also a great idea for freshening up smarter looks for special occasions.

4) Add colour to your denim

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For a casual style, combine your kimono top with jeans or denim hot pants to bring more colour to an outfit. Wearing a kimono top under a denim jacket is also a great choice, especially with contrasting colours. 


5) Add another layer to long sleeves


Wearing a kimono top over a long-sleeved layer is a popular style, especially with eclectic colours and materials. This is great for cooler weather if you want to wear a jumper or shirt whilst still enjoying a colourful outer layer.


How will you wear your kimono top?



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