He-shi Gold Foaming Mousse and Souffle Moisturiser Review

He-Shi Gold Foaming Mousse £25.00 (*)

He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser £11.00 (*)


Oh, I do love a good fake tan, especially when it’s from He-Shi, one of my favourite tanning brands of all time. Mousse textured tan’s are definitely the best type for me, it sinks in quickly and is easy to apply especially if you’re in a rush. The Gold Foaming mousse transfers on to the skin smoothly and creates a nice, even colour. You can build it up in layers if you wish to have a more intense glow, but for me, one layer was enough. In my recent outfit post, I had applied this tan on the night before and you can see how the colour had developed and left a lovely looking hint of sun behind. The Souffle Moisturiser was perfect for prolonging my tan. The rich and creamy texture ensured that my tan lasted a good four days and my skin was moisturised at the same time. It does also help that it smells incredibly delicious and fruity, a definite winner for summer. Overall, I love this duo and cannot recommend it enough. So if you’re looking for a new tanning product to try, look no further.


Have you tried anything from He-Shi before?




  1. 24th March 2014 / 8:11 pm

    it sounds like a great product:-)

    • 29th July 2014 / 11:27 pm

      It really is a great product. xx

    • 29th July 2014 / 11:27 pm

      You need to try it, it's so good. xx

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