HealGel Eye Review

healgel eye gel review

removing dark circles

getting rid of puffy eyes

healgel review

HealGel Eye £32.00 (*)

If you know me well, you will know that I’m not the best person with eye products, that’s probably why I have the biggest dark circles on planet earth right now. When this landed on my doorstep a few weeks back and after reading some great reviews, I decided that enough was enough and I was determined to work on it.

HealGel Eye is an advanced corrective formula designed to help diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. With it’s conditioning and lifting properties, it is formulated with active ingredients which work to restore youthful texture and even out skin tone.

Due to my already pumped up attitude, putting this to the test was extremely easy. I made sure I applied it after moisturising, morning and night for maximum benefit and reporting back after two weeks of use, I must say that I’m impressed. The texture is lightweight, glides on to my skin easily and sinks in straight away despite feeling a tad watery upon application. The instant effects include a cooling, refreshed sensation and a smoother looking base for eye make up. After the sixth day of use, I noticed my dark circles had become less puffy, the skin is more even and my overall complexion just looked more radiant and brighter. Funny how an eye product can actually have an effect on the way your whole complexion looks. There is no particular scent to the product and it is packaged in a slick bottle, I also like the fact that it’s got a pump rather than storing it in a pot for obvious reasons. I’m determined to keep up my efforts in using eye products on a daily basis and would highly recommend anyone to try this out, you honestly, won’t be disappointed.

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  1. 18th March 2014 / 1:34 pm

    This sounds amazing! I'm in love with the original Heal Gel and the Heal Gel Face so I guess it's only a matter of time until I add this to my little Heal Gel "collection" lol so so impressed with everything so far! Great review! x

    • 30th July 2014 / 12:24 am

      You need this, it's so good. xx

  2. 18th March 2014 / 2:55 pm

    I'm using this at the moment and love it! x

  3. 18th March 2014 / 4:18 pm

    I haven't yet tried anything from Heal Gel, but you're really making me want to try some of their products!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

    • 30th July 2014 / 12:28 am

      You definitely should, it's so good. xx

    • 30th July 2014 / 12:28 am

      No problem, glad you liked it. xx

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