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Maylash Natural Eyelash Serum £49.00 (*)

I mentioned on here before and also in one of my recent videos that I have non-existent eyelashes. Being of Asian Oriental origin, this is not uncommon; our lashes just don’t grow. Of course, false lashes then become our best friend; for fuller and thicker looking lashes fast, that is normally the route to go down. But, having tried a number of different artificial lashes, I just don’t think they’re right for me, also taking in consideration the damage it does to my real lashes.

With that in mind, my search branched out in to eyelash serums, a more safer way to help enhance your own lashes. Maylash is a natural, gentle serum that has quickly become quite popular in the UK, promising to make your lashes 70% longer, 30% denser and 40% fuller. A bold statement to make right? Maylash are so confident that this serum works that they’re offering a money-back guarantee to all their customers.

I will be putting Maylash to the test and will write an updated review for you all. In the meantime, click here for all the information you need and if you do decide to make a purchase, enter the code: cake30 in the checkout box to receive 30% off. I do love spoiling you guys!


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