Neo Stem Serum For Dry Skin and Eye Contour Cream Review

 Neo Stem Serum For Dry Skin £59.00 (*)

Neon Stem Eye Contour Cream £39.00 (*)

Neo Stem is a skincare range that was created as a result of a discovery in March 2003 of the genetic mutation responsible for Progeria, a rare genetic disease that causes children to age prematurely. The scientists that made the discovery developed a synergy of active ingredients used to fight the disease and now, based on a patented combination, these ingredients are being used for the first time in cosmetics.

So, now the science bit is out of the way, let me get on to telling you about the two products that I tried from the range, the serum for dry skin and the eye contour care cream. Both products are scent-free and packaged in easy to hold, compact packaging. The texture of the serum is creamy and feels extremely moisturising on my skin, so moisturising that sometimes, I feel as though I don’t even need to put any face cream on after. The eye cream is lightweight, feels gentle on my skin and sinks in instantly, allowing make up to applied straight after. My skin texture definitely feels a lot more softer and moisturised after a prolonged use of the serum, but I haven’t noticed much difference in terms of radiance. The eye cream was great for smoothing out the area, but again, quite a few other eye creams that I have used before are the same or sometimes better. Overall, this range was nice to use and great for dehydrated skin, but it just didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would. And for the hefty price tag, it would make me think twice.

Have you heard of Neo Stem before?


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