Champneys Spa Treatments Footcare Review

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Champneys Spa Treatment Foot Scrub £6.00 (*)

Champneys Spa Accessories Foot File £9.00 (*)

Champneys Spa Accessories Toe Separators £4.00 (*)


It’s time to get your feet summer ready! Banish that dead skin with a little help from Champneys and ensure your toes are in perfect condition for a nice slick of nail paint. Champneys Spa Treatment foot scrub contains a conditioning blend of Olive Oil, Tea Tree and Peppermint to gently get rid dry skin. The creamy texture also adds extra moisture to ensure your feet are smooth and soft, while the minty scent leaves them feeling fresh and re-energised. After a nice, invigorating scrub, file away the leftover dead skin with a foot file, this one comes equipped with a mini file to help you get to those hard-to-reach areas and gives your feet a nice, smooth finish. Next up, choose your nail colour, then use these luxury toe separators to make sure you don’t smudge them. Other advantages of these toe separators include shock absorption, reduction of friction and overall stress on the feet.


 How are you going to get your feet summer ready? Will you been picking up some of these products?



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