How to: Ice Cream Fairy Cakes

how to make ice cream fairy cakes

Last weekend, Dan and I decided to experiment with two of our favourite things, cake and ice-cream. We didn’t want to do something that was too hard or outrageous, so we came up with the idea of ice-cream fairy cakes. It was easy, you didn’t need a lot of ingredients and it can be served straight away, so here’s the very simple recipe that we came up with.

You will need:

– A tub of ice cream of any flavour

– A packet of fairy cakes

– A tube of sprinkles

– A bottle of ice cream sauce

quick dessert

1) Take a small spoon, draw a circle in the middle of the cake and scoop it out.

sainsburys fairy cakes

Your finished result should look something like this.

2) Get a plate, decorate it with some spinkles and place the cake in the middle. 

3) Take off the top layer (you can eat this part or save it for decoration).

4 Next, put some ice cream in a pipping bag, melt it with your hands and gently pipe the ice cream through in to the hole of the cake.

5) Once you have created a nice tower, grab your sprinkles and sauce and start decorating! Then serve immediately.

Here are a few of our creations:

ice cream cakes

how to decorate cakes

how to create tasty cakes

So that’s a very simple recipe for a quick dessert. I can assure you it tasted super yummy. Let me know if you try it out!

All ingredients purchased at Sainsburys



    • 1st August 2014 / 1:55 am

      They tasted amazing! xx

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