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‘After Treatment’

Three weeks ago, I visited the Liberty London Dermalogica treatment room to trial out their newest facial treatment, the BioSurface Peel. The four-step exfoliant system targets an array of skin conditions such as skin roughness, hypigmentation, acne inflammation and more. Having been skeptical of skin peels for a while, I decided to give this one a try after watching it in action and realising that it didn’t look scary as I thought it would be.

Arriving at the department store just in time, I was whizzed up to the room and greeted by Leila, the only therapist who has been trained in performing this treatment at Liberty. I sat down and filled out a consultation card which was later used to perform something called ‘Skin Mapping‘ on my skin. Skin Mapping is where your skin is looked at in sections to decide what is best needed to treat it. After getting comfy on the treatment bed, Leila explained the in’s and out’s of the treatment and once I was comfortable with the procedure, she proceeded. 

There are ten levels to the amount of solution that can be applied to the skin for the peel. As this was my first time, I was only allowed up to level three, but you can increase it on your second treatment. The sensation is somewhat tingly and feels a little uncomfortable at first, but it fades super quickly. Once the treatment was complete, Leila explained the aftercare procedure which I must warn you now, involves staying out of the sun, so if you have holidays planned, then make sure you time your treatments carefully.

The next day, after the facial, my skin started to flake which was what I expected. My skin is renewing itself after an intensive treatment and more flaking throughout the next few days also occurred. On day four, the dryness cleared up and I could definitely see a difference in my skin, it looked much more brighter and clearer. The pigmentation under my eye area also appeared lighter and my complexion looked a lot healthier. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and would recommend it if you have specific skin conditions that you would like to treat. More than one treatment is highly is advised to see the full effect which I’d definitely recommend getting if you decide to try this out.


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