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Blink Brow BarTopshop, 214 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1DA. Brow Therapist: Shreya

My brows have always been one of those features that was hard to maintain. I never really got them properly treated until I started this blog, that was two and a half years ago. Can you imagine, throughout my adult life, I had the most hideous and unkempt looking brows ever? After discovering threading, I never looked back and now every three weeks, I am booked in for a tidy up with my local salon which if I’m being honest, can be a bit of a hit and miss at times. I still don’t feel that I have found someone who I am happy with.

However, recently, I was invited to Blink Brow Bar in Topshop, Oxford Street to trial one of their brow treatments and I was literally taken away by what I saw. A complete menu of specialised treatments for your needs, comfortable chairs and a very thoughtful brow therapist just for you. I opted of the Brow Ehancement (*) which consists of a gentle scrub and massage, a brow shape and a tint. The treatment lasted around thirty minutes and it was one of the most relaxing treatments despite being on a busy, bustling shop floor. My therapist’s name was Shreya and she was very knowledgeable about brows, gentle with the treatment and gave great aftercare advice. 

The treatments are on the pricey side and I would never be able to afford £40 every three weeks for a session, but if you’re in need some serious brow maintenance or just fancy treating yourself, then I’d highly recommended trying out Blink Brow Bar.

What do you do to maintain your brows?



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