5 Extravagant Purchases To Make

A girl can always dream and to make it a reality, she will have to work for it. This is what I have always told myself, want something, then work hard for it and eventually when you get it, it will mean so much more. I love a good extravagant purchase, I mean, who doesn’t? That treat you have always longed for is finally yours, it’s such a good feeling. So in today’s post, I have rounded up five extravagant purchases I’d like to make at some point in my life.

1) A House/Flat – This has to be the most obvious when it comes to big purchases. A place to call home is one of my main goals. I am completely obsessed with white home decor at the moment and I am constantly on Pinterest cooing over images of home interior. For now, my favourite past time is crying over house prices on Right Move. One day, Julie, one day.

2) A New Car – I have had my Nissan Micra for about eight years now and it is literally the best thing ever! Bearing in mind that I have probably had about nine accidents in it, all minor and it has kept so strong through all of them. I am the worst driver you could ever imagine and I would probably benefit from a Telematics Driving Style test which is a small box fitted in your car to build up a picture of your driving style, how interesting. But I do feel that’s its time for an upgrade and as much as I love my little car, I’d like to switch up and get something a wee bit faster and cooler looking.

3) A Holiday In Boracay, PhillipinesBoracay is my dream location for a holiday right now. I wrote a travel wishlist post a few months ago explaining a little bit about why I want to go there and my hunger for travelling has just upped a notch in the last month. However, it isn’t a low cost holiday and flight prices and accommodation can be super pricey, but I am determined and will one day, save enough to visit this beautiful island.

4) A Chanel Classic Flap Bag – So whenever I have about £3000 spare, this is the bag I need! Designer bags will always be a girls best friend and a classic bag from Chanel will literally make my life complete. My aim is to purchase it at the airport on the way to Boracay, now that’s definitely the perfect excuse to kill two birds with one stone.

5) Canon 5D Mark III Camera – The king of all cameras! It would be an absolute dream to own one of these. I have seen lots of images taken with this camera and seriously, they are OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! The body itself is just under £2000 and then you got to think about the lenses and accessories too. Damn, why you so expensive?! But I love you still.

What extravagant purchases would you like to make?



  1. 8th July 2015 / 12:14 pm

    I loved this post . Right up my street Julie ! Frustrating as it is you can never stop saving . !! Xxx

    • 8th July 2015 / 11:28 pm

      Glad you liked the post hun. Saving is the bane of my life! xx

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