Fake Tan For Asian/Oriental Skin

fake tan for asian skin

If I was to be honest, fake tan amongst asian/oriental origins is very rarely used. Maybe that’s a massive statement to make, but I genuinely think that it’s not a really thing that interests oriental girls. Coming from a Chinese background, I was always told that pale and fair is beautiful and it is, for those that like looking fair, but for me, it’s never been the case. I have also wanted to looked tanned and bronzed and since the age of 19, I’ve been using fake tan to achieve that look and there’s nothing wrong with it. Not that I’ve been told it’s wrong, but I do have cousins that live in the Far East that are kind of, baffled by it, but I guess, because I was born in the UK and us Brits just love a good tan.

I would say that we tan pretty easily and colour develops in a flash on our skin. The texture of our skin is also quite thick and produces natural oils which is definitely a bonus for us because I find that a tan (real or fake) lasts a lot longer because the oil is keeping our skin moisturised hence keeping colour.

So the question is, what brands are best for asian/oriental skin? Over the years, I have tried a long list of brands, ranging from drugstore to high end. I would say the best ones, for asian/oriental skin, luxury wise are He-Shi, Xen-Tan and Vita Liberata. In terms of drugstore, I’d say Bondi Sands, Cocoa Brown and Loreal, who all have some amazing products. To achieve the best glow, following the necessary steps of exfoliating and moisturising dry parts is a must for any skin tone, then using a mitt to apply the tan for an even layer is also very important. These are just the basic steps of fake tanning and by no means a guide on how to do it correctly for asian/oriental skin #justsaying.

If you are new to fake tanning and prefer to see what it looks like on your skin before taking the plunge, I would recommend trying out an instant tan which washes off at the end of day and leaves no residue behind. Late last year, Cocoa Brown launched a pair of Instant Bronzing Gels with either a matte or shimmer finish and these are perfect testers for those who just aren’t sure about fake tanning and what to see a temporary effect or even for those who do use fake tan, it’s a great last minute glow give that doesn’t leave the skin with that burnt biscuit smell and dries instantly.

What I’d like to ask now is, are you of asian/oriental skin tone? If yes, do you use fake tan or have you always steered clear of it? If you don’t use it, is it because you don’t like it or are you afraid of it looking wrong?

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  1. Anonymous
    27th February 2016 / 11:04 am

    I have an asian skintone! My brothers are fairer than I am and look more Oriental but we all tan very easily. My culture is strange in the sense that all actors, actresses and tv personalities are adored for their pale skin and 'round eyes' and more often seem to be of 'mixed race', however I have seen the same trend in India where in extreme cases Bollywood even use English Actresses to play Indian women! Back to the tanning though… I haven't used fake tan but when I do go abroad I am always alarmed at how tanned/dark I do become, my only step in the fake tan thing is where I need bronzer to carve out cheekbones!
    Loving your blog btw, more outfit posts pls xx

    • 28th February 2016 / 11:30 pm

      Ahh, thank you lovely. xx

    • 28th February 2016 / 11:31 pm

      Cocoa Brown have some amazing products, a defo must try brand. xx

  2. Roz
    7th June 2019 / 11:00 pm

    I’m also Asian (Vietnamese) and living in Ireland so I am horribly pale compared to all my Irish friends!😂 I love being super dark and lately have been using Dripping Gold in ‘ultra dark’ and also B.Tan in ‘tanned

    I definitely want to try Bondi sands it looks gorgeous for a lovely deep brown shade!

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