Celebrating World Fragrance Day With Dove Soft Feel

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To celebrate World Fragrance Day, Dove has teamed up with global fragrance house Givaudan to uncover the psychology behind the Dove Soft Feel scent. The luxury perfumery house worked with the beauty brand to create the fragrance for the antiperspirant, using notes that are known to bring a sense of luxury, comfort and cleanliness to women.

Studies in to fragrance and emotions reveal that women have a strong emotional relationship when it comes to scent. From the perfume of our previous holidays, wedding days or children’s shampoo, we have long been aware of the power of fragrance and memories and how linked they are to our brains. Research shows, that our relationship with scent actually evolves over different chapters of our lives such as childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Let’s touch on those a little bit deeper:

Childhood -Scents we experience during this stage of life provides a fundamental link to the ‘mother’. Dove has reflected this feeling in the powdery scent used in the antiperspirant which evokes comfort, femininity and cleanliness.

Adolescence – At this stage, scents are associated with make up and peer group-belonging.

Adulthood – The biggest phase of our lives, where the scents we experience mould individuality, self-expression and ultimately confidence.

Sarah Atkins, Brand Manager for Dove antiperspirants said “The Soft Feel range provides consumers with the expert care and moisturisation they expect from Dove, combined with a truly unique, nostalgic and luxurious scent, courtesy of one of the world’s top fragrance houses, Givaudan. People looking for superior care for their underarms, with that added touch of luxury, need to look no further

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I was challenged by Dove to identify (whilst blindfolded), the notes that make up the Dove Soft Feel fragrance. As I slowly dipped each fragrance stick in to the scents and had a sniff, I immediately linked each one to period of my life or an occasion. Starting with Sandalwood, this made me think back to my days at university, where I needed to mix aromatherapy oils together for a treatment (I studied Beauty Therapy and Health) and it brought back so many wonderful memories of hanging out with classmates and having laugh. Next was Ylang and I knew straight away that it was this scent because it’s actually one of my favourites. Memories with Ylang also include university days as well as every day life because to this date, I still use this scent in shower gels, body creams and even candles. Lastly, Vanilla, and to be honest, this actually took a while for me to guess. Upon first sniff, it reminded me of sweet shops and straight away took me back to my local one where I used to pick up a 50p mix on the way home from school. Vanilla is also one of those scents you associate with all things young as it’s so sweet and yummy. After this challenge, I actually sprayed some Dove Soft Feel on to my skin and it felt so soft, just like powder on my underarm. Thanks to it’s 1/4 moisturising cream, it left my skin feeling super smooth too, so I’ve definitely found a new favourite.

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Scent has a very powerful association and impact on the memory region of the brain and from this experiment, it definitely proves that. I was able to take myself back to certain periods of my life and reminisce. And the fact that fragrances has such a hold on memories, is honestly an amazing thing and it will definitely be something I do more often from now on.

Dove Soft Feel is available in most major supermarkets and chemists including Superdrug. The RRP for 125ml Dove Soft Feel Compressed antiperspirant is £3.79, 75ml is £2.99 and 50ml roll-on is £2.39.

Do you have any particular scents that remind you of a certain occasion or period of your life?

*This post is in collaboration with Dove, however all opinions are my own.



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