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jessops macro class
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Improving on photography was something I'd always wanted to do. I wanted to take outstanding pictures for this blog and also learn more about my camera. I mean, I spent all this money on an expensive camera, it'll be a waste to not learn how to use it properly and to it's full potential right? For the first three years of this blog, I kind of just winged it, you just have to go back and look at some of my earlier posts (really shocking photography) and you'll understand. As they all say, pictures tell a thousand words and last year, I changed the way I took photos and started to introduced more substance in to them. Long gone were the days of just a single product in the middle of the frame, now there's flowers, trays, ornaments, jewellery, whatever you want to throw in to the mix and you know what, it works, well for me it does anyways. I look at other people's photography and think 'WOW, let's take some inspiration from that and adapt it to my own style' and now, all my photos are well thought out and aimed to be good for the eye.

That leads me right back on to the camera I use and learning how to use it properly. As much as I Google and YouTube the crap out of my camera model, which was good to an extent, but I felt like I needed more, like an actual professional showing me how to do things and take awesome photos. At that moment, Jessops Academy got in touch and invited me to along to one of their taster days to learn all about the photography courses they had on offer and to get a feel for how the classes are run. I also got to meet the trainers of the different courses who are so, so good at what they do and just bursting with creative energy.

After that day, I booked in for a full Macro Photography class and it was honestly one of the best training sessions I'd been on. There were trainees from all types of backgrounds and levels and it was definitely super  informative with a lot of practical involved which I loved.

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jessops macro class
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I learnt all about the body and lenses for my camera, what mode to shoot in for different environments (never use auto), how to adjust exposure and aperture, stability and also composition. These may all seem very basic in terms of photography, but it was honestly so helpful and made me realise what I was missing in terms of getting the right shot. As I do a lot of product photography, it was definitely very useful foe me to understand how best to work the camera and the different modes.



I also learnt how to take motion shots, where a particular person or object is still amongst a moving crowd or road, yet the person or object is focused and the background is blurred. I knew that the camera I had could produce pictures like that, but I just didn't know how to do it, it will come in handy for all my outdoor travelling shots.

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Overall, I had such a fun and productive day spent at the Jessops Academy and will definitely look in to booking my next one soon. As well as learning new skills, I also got the chance to meet other keen bloggers and photographers who are all so, so passionate about getting the best out of their cameras and capturing that perfect shot. I have added a bit of information below on the Jessops Academy. If you do book a course, make sure you let me know how you get on. I really enjoyed mine and I'm sure you will too.

Jessops Academy:

Jessops Academy aims to help you get the most out of your camera and offers a wide range of photographic opportunities through a selection of Courses, Workshops, Experiences and Trips. The Academy team are trained to a very high standard and are photographers in their own rights. There is a fantastic ranges of courses available including: Level 1 and Level 2, Macro Photography, Big Cats, Wedding Photography, City Photography, Commercial Fashion Photography and even a Safari photography trip to Namibia– to name but a few!

 Jessops Academy courses are easy to book and are available at lots of different locations around the UK - not just London. Courses start from £119 for a full day (10am-4pm) Level 1 course - which you had a taster of yesterday. Courses can be purchased and booked online at

For the Level 1 course, students just need to know how to hold a camera. The Academy team will help with the rest.

*My course was provided by Jessops on a complimentary basis, however all opinions are my own and I genuinely enjoyed the class.


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