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Creativity is often quite hard to define, I'd like to think I'm super creative when it comes my career, social life and personal relationships. But in terms of definition, to me, it is an act of turning new ideas in to reality, a process that requires time, commitment and passion.

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In the hectic lives we live these days, it's quite often that we lose sight of what we want to achieve, the creative process becomes harder and harder and we are becoming more lazy to activiely approach situtations. So I have come up with a few tips to share with you all in terms of ways to live a more creative life.

1. Think outside the box - sometimes it is good to look at things from a different angle to get a wider perspective. Take a step back, look and think outside of the box and you may just find the answer or at least a different view.

2. Don't be afraid - take that risk and don't fear the outcome. At the end of the day, we're all human and we make mistakes. Give yourself the courage to potentially mess up and learn from it. You never know, it could be for the better.

3. Expose yourself - now, I don't mean literally, but by doing random things, you break out of your normal routine. For example, something as simple as taking a different route to work or trying a different pizza on the menu, basically, break your usual habit. Another part of this would be to surround yourself with different people. People who have different interests, different tastes and think differently, ultimately, you will learn something new from them.

4. Give yourself time and space - to be creative, you will need a clear your mind and your busy schedule to sit down and plan. A day or night, just for yourself to plan for yourself and start creating.

5. Have all the fun - enjoy while you're creating and have as much fun as possible. Be curious to explore more opportunities and be inspired.

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Do you have any tips for being more creative and inspired? I would love to know.


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