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day to night moisturisers

When it comes to finding a good moisturiser, there are honestly so many things to consider. Firstly, will it work for my skin is probably the most important question, followed by the ingredients, then the price, the brand, the texture, the scent and so on. It’s not as easy as it seems and it’s definitely something that you have to invest time in to find out whether it’s suitable for you or not. Skincare is super important to me and that’s why I would only share what I believe is an outstanding product to you’s, otherwise, what’s the point? One particular combination that has worked very well for me is the Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night Moisturisers. Both of these are amazing in different ways and I’ll explain why.

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clarins multi active day

This day cream is known as the Multi-Active Jour and is suitable for all skin types. In terms of how it’s well it’s worked for my skin, I’ll start by saying it’s improved my skin’s hydration levels a lot. Over the winter months, my skin was probably at the most driest it’s ever been and this has nursed it back to life. As well as hydration, the dullness of my complexion also improved, my skin was extremely radiant and the texture was so soft. The cream itself is lightweight which is unusual for an anti-ageing product, but it works for me because I have oily skin and it allowed my skin to stay matte for longer.

The Multi-Active Nuit, I must say is the perfect match to the day cream. Although the texture is quite light, it is super nourishing, revitalising and protects the skin. I always wake up with a brighter looking complexion even if I’ve only had few hours kip and it always feels so comforting each time I apply it. I also love the colour of both jars, they look so, so pretty and will definitely look lovely in the bathroom cabinet or on the dressing table. In terms of usage for both moisturisers, you definitely don’t need a lot to get a nice, even layer, so these will last a long time before needing to be replaced.

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So they’re my current go-to day and night moisturisers, what are your current favourite skincare products?



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