5 Travel Beauty Tips To Keep You Looking Your Best

travel beauty tips

Travelling can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time, for your body, your skin and your health in general. When you take yourself out of your comfort zone and only having a limited amount of beauty products you can take, it can be quite scary. What to take? What to leave? What to buy? – the three questions I always ask myself before packing my beauty bag.

Over the years, I have learnt a few tips and tricks when it comes to packing beauty and travelling light has always been a priority because ‘ain’t  nobody got time for lugging massive bags about, we got places to go ya know’. There’s got to be a happy balance between looking your best, keeping your skin clean, feeling smooth and not having to bring so many products.

Without further ado, here are five of my must-bring products and beauty tips that I swear by to keep me looking and feeling fresh.

frank body scrub

1. Scrub it up – Body scrubs aren’t only just for pre-tan prep, a good scrub during a holiday is the perfect way to get rid of dead skin cells, energises your mood and keeps your skin feeling smooth and clean.  The Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub is my current favourite. It’s great for sensitive skin and thanks to its nourishing ingredients, it leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and ready for that tanning session. I also love the fact that it’s in a flat packet, which is handy for packing.

2. Mask is a must – We all know that feeling when your skin gets a bit dull due to the amount of travelling you’ve done, but a mask can solve all those problems. Not only can they bring life back in to your skin, they also deep clean and provide moisture to ensure your skin is back on top form. The Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask has been with me on a few trips already and I can honestly say that I cannot go anywhere without it now, it’s perfect for quenching super dry skin and really soothes, calms and distresses my skin.

travel beauty masks
holiday beauty mists

3. Soothing is key -  When travelling to a hot country, a product that soothes the skin at all times is an absolute must. I always go with mists or spritzes because they’re perfect for cooling the skin as well keeping it hydrated. My current go-to is La Roche Posay’s Serozinc. Technically, a toner, however, it does actually have a number of uses. It’s great for toning and soothing the skin obvs, but it can also be used for irritated skin caused by shaving and great for blemish prone/oily skin because it’s super matifying.

4. Boost it – Being in different climates during travelling definitely takes its toll on your skin. Just like the body, it can feel and look lethargic and dull. As well as taking a good moisturiser, I also love these Clarins Skin Boosters for an extra added touch. All you have to do it add a few drops to your moisturiser and you’ll get an instant boost. My personal favourite is the Energy Booster as it really energises my skin and definitely something I need after long flights.

clarins skin boosters
bareminerals complexion rescue

5. Base and protect – Caked is never a good look when it comes to make up bases. I use to wear foundation, powder, concealer, the lot, but when travelling, yet all I need is a simple and lightweight base that can also protect me from the sun. Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream is super hydrating with sheer to medium coverage. It replenishes thirsty skin which is essential during travelling and leaves me with a smooth and dewy finish. To top all that, it has an SPF of 30, so it will protect my skin from the rays.

What are your travel beauty tips? Which products are an absolute must-take in your luggage?


*This post contains PR samples.



    • julie
      25th July 2016 / 10:34 pm

      Definitely, always love taking a good scrub with me. xx

  1. 20th July 2016 / 7:12 pm

    I just tried out the Ole Henrikson mask- truth sugar glow and was so impressed, so its good to hear that the other products are equally as favourable! x

    • julie
      25th July 2016 / 10:34 pm

      I honestly love it so much, must check out the one you mentioned too. xx

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