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You do you girl! A phrase I swear and live by day in, day out. Becoming a blogger has definitely, 100% upped the notch for me in terms of being more confident being myself. The way I come across, the things I talk about and the way I express myself has definitely changed in the past four years, thanks to this blog. Putting my life online is always one of those tricky ones, I’m exposing myself to the world and that phrase of ‘the internet never forgets’ rings loud at all times. There is always a certain amount of negativity that goes round and being out there puts me at risk of suffering from it and I know that quite a number of bloggers receive so many hateful comments which is wrong, but not uncommon and these people who hide behind  a screen and do it, shows just how shallow they are. Thankfully, for me, being a small potato online, this hasn’t affected me as much, I have had the odd comment here and there, but after a while, you develop a thick skin to just brush it off. To be honest, the more people who dish out horrible comments, actually fuels me to be more confident just being myself and to live my life, exactly the way I want. Life’s too short to try and be someone you’re not, so why bother. Over the years, I have learnt to how to accept myself as me and today, I’m sharing a few thoughts and tips with you all.

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Learning to adapt – Being able to adapt in different situations is a skill and it all comes with being confident. Every day, you meet or come across someone different and whether you talk to them or not, you will always adapt to the situation naturally. Some do it better than others, but what I’m trying to say is, to be able to adapt, is you being confident to approach the situation ‘your’ way. I always try to present myself in the most appropriate way or form and, yes, I am different when I’m at work to when I’m hanging out with friends, this is absolutely normal and this actually means I am confident in adapting wherever and whenever I need to.

Accept who you are – This is me and I don’t have to change for anyone if I don’t want to or see the need to. Whether online or in person, what you see is what you get, there is no in between. There is no need to try and change to please anyone, this is called being fake, because you know what, at the end of the day, if I alter your personality to be someone else, regardless of how I come across, negative people will still find faults . Being fake is tiring and will not make anyone happier in the long run, so it’s best to ditch it and just be you, people will either like it or not like it, but who cares.

No one is perfect – An old, but wise saying, everyone does have flaws and the most important part is to embrace it. We all have parts of ourselves that we wish we could change, be in a flatter stomach, a bigger bum or longer hair, dwelling on it isn’t going to help. Quite frankly, what you see as a flaw is not noticeable at all to anyone else and it doesn’t change your personality whatsoever, so be confident and embrace them. The people who do make comments about your so-called ‘flaws’ is not worth knowing in my opinion and there is no point wasting any more time on them. Finding time to appreciate yourself is most important to feel confident inside and out.

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Do you have any tips on self-confidence or have you been through any situations that have allowed you to become more confident in yourself?



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      Thank you lovely. xx

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